New Theme and Updates!!

04/18/2014 | 

After many many months of running Falcom Collections on a somewhat of a broken theme script (the theme was no longer fully functional with the new version of my gallery script), I finally got a new theme (by! The new theme is a moderately modified version and it looks good and works well even on mobile devices!

The gallery script that I have been using for years actually does support additional static web pages and even a news section. However, I have never really (...)

[ARCHIVE] Finally...

03/11/2011 | 

Some people might noticed that I had the gallery down for a long time. That was actually due to trying to update the gallery script and then failing. Anyway, it finally works now and together with a bunch of new wallpapers. Also, some of the album names have been changed to make the path a bit shorter. The following album names have been changed:

Falcom Limited Wallpapers -> Falcom Limited Walls
Falcom Specials And Others -> Falcom Specials

Also, I added a bunch of (...)

[ARCHIVE] Whee!!

09/03/2010 | 

After such a long time, I finally updated to a new version of the gallery script. In addition, I fixed up some issues with some images that did not use ASCII for their names so those images should show up now. I also resorted the gallery so images should be in the right places as well as not having duplicates where it shouldn't be. Finally, I uploaded a whole bunch of new PSP wallpapers (as well as other desktop wallpapers) that I found and a lot of them are really good ones too! Here they (...)

[ARCHIVE] Breadcrumbs

05/11/2010 | 

Ok, I just fixed the entire Breadcrumb system of the gallery. It originally was extremely inconsistent as well as confusing. If there are any other issues you see, feel free to use the contact form and tell me about it.

[ARCHIVE] New Domain

05/01/2010 | 

Some of you might notice but the domain changed from crescent-nights to luna-sanctum. Don't worry because anyone who visited the old address with automatically be redirected here via a 301 redirect. Anyway, enjoy!

[ARCHIVE] Aruon Wallpapers

04/18/2010 | 

Added official wallpapers from Aruon, the company responsible for the Korean localization of Legend of Heroes IV, Legend of Heroes VI, Xanadu Next, Ys Oath of Felghana, and Ys Origin.

[ARCHIVE] Done!!

04/12/2010 | 

Finally! Everything concerning the site including the layout, news script, and contact form is working as expected. So now the news will start to focus primarily on the gallery updates and status as well as other stuff I think is important. Anyway, whee!!

[ARCHIVE] Welcome!

04/03/2010 | 

Whee! I finally got an actual page up for the site. You noticed how simple the design the site it? It actually took me 12 hours to get there. That tells you how much work and effort (how much I actually suck at designing and coding) I put into the design so praise me. Anyway, I'm currently deciding whether I should use a small CMS or not. The good thing is that it will be quick and easy to update the site but the other thing is that the site is small so is a CMS really necessary. On the (...)