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    Thank you to Falcom for all their wonderful games! Also if it was not for their wonderful wallpapers and other media, this website would have never existed! I always loved how Falcom makes so many wonderful wallpapers and had always been collecting them. However, finding them weren't always easy and requires a lot of hunting. So one day I though perhaps I should make some kind of collective of all the wallpapers that I was able to find into one place and thus, Falcom Collections was started.

Also thanks to the following people for their contributions!

FalcomJDK - Youtube
asaka2077 - Nihonmaru
windd523 - Xuite.Net
sellen - Hi.Baidu.Com
pockle01 - Hi.Baidu.Com
OMGFloofy - Esterior.net
mizukiriana - Photobucket
Aurélien - Site Visitor
@Raynelly - Twitter
@Gunotak - Twitter
Members of bbs.youxiri.cn
bobdotexe - reddit
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