New Theme and Updates!!

Date: 04/18/2014 Category: Share: , ,

After many many months of running Falcom Collections on a somewhat of a broken theme script (the theme was no longer fully functional with the new version of my gallery script), I finally got a new theme (by! The new theme is a moderately modified version and it looks good and works well even on mobile devices!

The gallery script that I have been using for years actually does support additional static web pages and even a news section. However, I have never really used it and in the past, relied on a modifed updated version of UTF-8 CuteNews and plain old HTML. Anyways, due to various reasons, it became a pain and I ended up scrapping it. Well, it's now back using the built in features supported by the script! This is useful because if there is anything important, I could post an update about it rather than just silently commiting big changes to the site.

Please report any problems you may find using my contact form. Anyway, enjoy!

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